The Safest Asset in the Most Secure Structure

Private Client Bullion’s Clear Title Program provides the most efficient and secure direct ownership structure for buying, selling and securely storing investment grade physical gold and silver bullion.

Clear Title means that you have exclusive, direct, good and marketable legal title to the specific gold and silver bars that you own in your account. Protected by bailment law, no one else has a claim on your bullion; therefore, from the moment you buy to the moment you sell or take delivery of your metals, your gold and silver remain your outright legal property.

Uncompromised Bullion Ownership

The Safest Asset in Uncertain Times

Clear Title ownership of precious metals is the ultimate insurance policy in today’s uncertain world. When financial uncertainty abounds, it becomes increasingly important to hold assets with value that cannot be diluted by government monetary policy. Gold has been the preeminent form of money and store of value since the dawn of civilization. Throughout history, in every instance of currency devaluation, gold has been the ultimate safe haven asset.


An Efficient Cash Alternative

Even though physical gold is stored outside of the financial system, it remains a highly liquid asset. All settlement of trades for cash occurs within two business days. Under systemic disruption or tail economic scenarios, physical gold can provide liquidity to maintain quality of life and the capital to opportunistically buy distressed assets.


Negative Correlation to Risk

Physical gold can be directly owned and cost-efficiently held in secure, segregated storage without any possibility of re-hypothecation, and therefore it is isolated and protected from financial or counter-party risk. Moreover, during times of systemic stress gold has demonstrated low correlation to stocks, bonds and other financial assets.


Real Ownership

Personal Control of Wealth

Direct ownership of physical gold is global currency that governments cannot debase through printing. Gold is considered an essential monetary reserve asset by most central banks and is the only reserve asset that is no-one’s liability. This means that, unlike a currency, the value of gold cannot be affected by the economic policies of the issuing country.

Gold is Freedom

The Case for Gold

We believe that a vast majority of wealth is highly vulnerable to financial failures and systemic risks. Never before has there been a time when most major nations simultaneously are running massive deficits and creating debts in the trillions of dollars. To protect capital, prudent portfolio allocation must include gold that is held outside the financial system.

Gold brings a special element into a portfolio, one that makes it different from all other metals. It is an insurance policy for your portfolio. Everyone should have a core allocation to gold to eliminate risk exposure.

Above-ground stocks

The best estimates available suggest that around 208,874 tonnes of gold has been mined throughout history.


Avg Annual Real Return

In times when inflation exceeds 5%, gold has historically rallied achieving a 14.15% annual real return.


An under-allocated asset

Investment allocation to gold is just 1% of the estimated $ 266 trillion invested in financial assets globally. Gold has huge upside potential as investment flows return.


Global Debt-to-GDP

Total global debt has hit $300 trillion, or 349% leverage on GDP. Government debt-to-GDP leverage grew aggressively, by 76%, to a total of 102%, from 2007 to 2022. 

Our Focus is Your Security

The Most Secure Investment Structure

We believe that a vast majority of wealth is highly vulnerable to financial failures and systemic risks. Never before has there been a time when most major nations simultaneously are running massive deficits and creating debts in the trillions of dollars. To protect capital, prudent portfolio allocation must include gold that is held outside the financial system.

While there are many ways to gain investment exposure to precious metals, none eliminate risk as effectively as Clear Title ownership of physical bullion bars held outside the financial system.

Real Assets Protected by Bailment

Clear Title Ownership means Outright Ownership

With your Clear Title Account, your specifically identified precious metal assets always remain your exclusive property; we simply administer them on your behalf and according to your instructions. Private Client Bullion is not the owner of your precious metals, you are. Secured under the bailment agreement that governs each Clear Title Account, your assets are protected by property law. Owning precious metals under bailment in a Clear Title Account gives you the soundest protection of your fundamental property rights.

Gold and silver owned by our clients never goes onto the company’s balance sheet. Each gold and silver bar bears a unique serial number, and all bars are segregated from other bars which are held for other accountholders. Moreover, all bars are physically verified by an independent auditor on a semi-annual basis and cross verified against the Clear Title Account where it is held by a seperate third-party auditing firm to ensure that each and every ounce that we administer is physically present in the vault and assigned to only one Clear Title Account. 

We take pride in the fact that the full accessibility and liquidity that you enjoy in your Clear Title Account is always maintained within a transparent environment of absolute security.

Clear Title Account Services

A Clear Title Account allows you to securely buy, sell, and hold specific whole bars of physical precious metals. Your bars are stored, insured and audited at your choice of high security vaults around the world. You may also take personal possession of your precious metals at any time without delay or penalty. Clear Title Accounts can be owned by individuals, joint owners, family offices, corporations, trusts, and even financial services institutions.

Individual and Joint Accounts

We understand that delivering superb service to individuals and families entails a comprehensive approach. The Strategic Gold Clear Title Account gives you the tools and resources designed to empower you to secure your financial future with unmatched accessibility and complete control.

Trust and Estate Accounts

We understand the importance and significance of preserving legacies. Investing in gold through a trust provides a higher degree of confidentiality and has other advantages such as wealth preservation, asset protection and efficient estate planning.

Wealth Manager Accounts

Registered Investment Advisors now have the ability to buy, sell, and store physical precious metals on behalf of their clients in a safe, easy and cost-effective way. Our platform combines efficient transaction services with investment credentialed precious metals products and vault facilities. We can seamlessly integrate physical precious metals holdings into your reporting software.

Retirement Accounts

Many investors do not realize that they can own gold in their retirement account. No matter where you are in your journey to retirement, we are here to assist you in meeting your retirement goals. With us, you can develop a precious metals investment strategy to fit your needs both now and in the future.

Corporate Accounts

We provide corporate accounts with unparalleled access to the Primary Bullion Market through our trading and custody platform. Clear Title Corporate accounts give you the ability to utilize physical gold and silver as an efficient cash alternative.

Family Offices

Our professional expertise, international representation and independent ownership combine to offer a turn-key solution for Family Offices to access the physical precious metals marketplace. Our approach is innovative and personal; we tailor solutions to your needs while maintaining high standards of service and total confidentiality.



We aim to provide enhanced and personalized client service. Please feel free to contact us directly for product inquiries, support, or any other questions. 

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