Operating with the highest standards, our tradition of professional excellence and integrity exhibited through highly-personalized service has earned our clients’ trust and reduced their risk exposure. Let us help you learn how gold manages risk in a number of unique ways.

Real Assets Protected by Property Law

Clear Title Ownership means Outright Ownership

With your Clear Title Account, your specifically identified precious metal assets always remain your exclusive property; we simply administer them on your behalf and according to your instructions. Private Client Bullion is not the owner of your precious metals, you are. Secured under the bailment agreement that governs each Clear Title Account, your assets are protected by property law. Owning precious metals under bailment in a Clear Title Account gives you the soundest protection of your fundamental property rights.

Gold and silver owned by our clients never goes onto the company’s balance sheet. Each gold and silver bar bears a unique serial number, and all bars are segregated from other bars which are held for other accountholders. Moreover, all bars are physically verified by an independent auditor on a semi-annual basis and cross verified against the Clear Title Account where it is held by a seperate third-party auditing firm to ensure that each and every ounce that we administer is physically present in the vault and assigned to only one Clear Title Account. 

We take pride in the fact that the full accessibility and liquidity that you enjoy in your Clear Title Account is always maintained within a transparent environment of absolute security.


Your Clear Title Account provides you with immediate access to your resources with the ability to liquidate your holdings – all or in part – for cash at the Spot Market Price at any time during the trading day.

When you need a fast, discreet and personal precious metals service, look to us. Our service is fast and effective. And if you need guidance or support, we’re on hand.



Our service reflects the desires of our clients – trust and partnership, values that have earned us an enduring reputation. With a Clear Title Account you are able to take advantage of our extensive experience and our superior pricing and fees. Moreover, you benefit from our direct access to the Primary Bullion Market. This means that you can buy, sell or take delivery of precious metals with the same advantages as central banks, bullion banks, producers, refiners, fabricators and other large institutional traders throughout the world. In short, you will always get more gold for your money when you buy and more money for your gold when you sell.

When you buy and sell precious metals in your Clear Title Account your trades are executed at the Interbank Spot Market Price. All your gold and silver transactions are executed at the inter-bank spot market price, which means that you will always get the best price. Our simplified fee schedule ensures that you can buy and store physical gold cost-efficiently and easily without hidden fees and mark-ups.


Liquidity is an important factor when considering an investment. Accessible global markets in gold mean you will always be able to sell when you want. When comparing gold to other liquid assets, gold proves to be among the highest quality with a narrow bid-ask spread and a significant amount of daily trading volumes.

Price, speed and access to liquidity – we’ve got you covered.

Your gold and silver is held in Good Delivery form within the Chain of Integrity of the primary bullion market. This is the purest and most trusted form of bullion ownership. Your credentialed gold and silver is always readily available and accessible. Therefore it is highly liquid – meaning, it can be sold for cash quickly and at the best price.

  • The professional bullion market utilizes a host of guidelines and best practices which support the efficiency of the OTC market in physical gold and silver.
  • No Lock-up periods, no cash-settlement clauses.
  • All settlement of trades for cash occurs within two business days.
  • Private Client Bullion can tailor its services to meet your individual liquidity needs.

With a Clear Title Account, you will have access to and be participating in the professional bullion market – the deepest pool of physical gold and silver liquidity in the world.


Private Client Bullion offers comprehensive storage solutions with inventory management in multiple locations worldwide. Clear Title Account holders can choose where they want to buy and store their physical gold and silver safely, inexpensively and confidentially in any of our secure global vaults.

Our vaulting providers are leading names in the logistical solutions industry who offer secure, efficient and reliable services of the highest quality. Their modern infrastructure, cutting-edge security systems and comprehensive insurance facilities ensure maximum security and minimum risk for the global storage of bullion. You choose where to store your gold – from the following locations:

  • Toronto, Canada
  • New York, New York
  • Miami, Florida
  • Zurich, Switzerland

All vault options are reviewed for their industry accreditation, security credentials, service and responsiveness, accessibility, reputation and standing in the local market and on-site due diligence.

Our secure storage options cost the same in whichever location you choose. Please feel free to consult with one of our account representatives if you would like to discuss your secure storage options.


Physical gold can be directly owned and cost-efficiently held in secure, segregated storage without any possibility of re-hypothecation, and therefore it is isolated and protected from financial or counter-party risk.


The operation of the Clear Title Program is designed to fully protect the account holder and the assets in their Clear Title Account.

Ownership of precious metals in your Clear Title Account is outright. It is your property from the moment you buy it to the time you decide to sell it. You remain the sole and exclusive owner.

We maintain strong internal and external controls including independent quarterly audits of your gold and independent quarterly audits of your transactions so that you can rest assured knowing that your investments are secure.

  • The Clear Title Account Program utilizes the vaults of accredited members of the London Bullion Market Association.
  • All bullion is insured to its full market value.
  • All bullion holdings maintain their Investment Grade Quality and Good Delivery Status.

We believe that quality governance begins with sound principles. Board independence, independent auditor review, strong internal controls, and transparency are at the center of our firm’s governance and compliance structure.

Private Client Bullion is committed to its governance principles and their inculcation into our corporate culture. Accordingly, we have adopted a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics in order to ensure that our core values are always followed. We look forward to earning your business.


The gold and silver in your Clear Title Account is yours outright, so there is no credit exposure to any counterparty not even Private Client Bullion. Our comprehensive controls ensure that even if our business would fail, all your bullion would still be yours and would be returned to you in full by a liquidator. This is the essence of direct physical ownership of gold and silver held in your Clear Title Account. Each quarter, Bureau Veritas certifies that the precious metals you exclusively own are physically present within the vault. The results of these quarterly audits are issued to each client in the form of an individual account audit statement.

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All precious metals stored in Strategic Gold’s Clear Title Program are fully allocated. “Allocated” means that each specific whole bar or coin is held in the vault exclusively on behalf of an individual owner.

Allocated storage of precious metals is the best way to store gold and silver because it ensures that you are the direct owner of the specific whole bar or coin, not Strategic Gold or any other third-party. When a precious metal is allocated, there is a defined and recorded owner of the specific bar or coin, namely you. You enjoy full legal title to each individual bar or coin that you own. This is why we called our program the Clear Title Program, because you – the owner – retain Clear Title to your assets at all times.

Moreover, your Clear Title ownership of individual bullion bars is independently verified by our bullion auditor who issues a quarterly report to each accountholder, demonstrating their exclusive ownership of specific whole bars.

The physical presence of your specific gold is independently verified each quarter in a report to you from the Independent Bullion Auditor.
Our operational controls ensure that there can be no changes made to your bullion holdings without your authorization.


Our independent transaction auditor, Livingston and Haynes, acts as a third party verifier of all client account activity in order to prevent unauthorized transactions, cash withdrawals and bullion withdrawals.

Private Client Bullion accepts a duty to receive, hold and maintain funds received from you directly into a segregated bank account for the express purpose of holding un-invested client money. The bank has acknowledged and accepted that the money in this segregated account is held under a dual signature control and reviewed by the Independent Transaction Auditor.

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The bank has also accepted that it is not entitled to combine this account with any other Strategic Gold corporate account or to exercise any right of set off or counterclaim against money in this account in respect of any money owed to the bank on any other Strategic Gold corporate account.

The account statement from the bank is fully reconciled to Strategic Gold’s own records every banking day. At all times, we maintain sufficient funds to pay back the gross credit balances of all our clients and since this money is held at call for return, when requested, it can be returned to the client on the same business day.

As our Independent Transaction Auditor, Livingston & Haynes has access to all daily transactional activity.
No cash or precious metals movement can occur in your account without the Independent Transaction Auditor verifying that it was properly authorized by you.
Operational Controls agreed upon by Strategic Gold Corporation and the Independent Transactional Auditor are verified on a quarterly basis.
As with any bank deposit, cash is potentially exposed to a bank failure since money deposited into a bank account becomes the legal property of the bank. All modern banking relationships turn depositors into “unsecured creditors” of the bank. In contrast, owning precious metals in your Clear Title Account eliminates this risk since you always own your precious metals outright.

Clear Title Account Security

Clear Title Accounts provide a cost-effective, secure and easy way to capitalize on the risk management benefits of gold by ensuring that our administration of your assets doesn’t introduce risk into your portfolio. 

How do we accomplish this for you?

Here are some of the key ways…


Private Client Bullion works on an agency basis and as such does not take any proprietary risk on transactions. We are not a market-maker or broker-dealer. Moreover, we do not engage in speculative trading or market making activities.


Private Client Bullion does not engage in any derivative, hedging, or leveraging activities.


We do not deal in unallocated or pooled accounts; each individually owned whole bar is fully allocated to one client.  Therefore, you own specific bullion bars outright. They are your legal property and your Clear Title property rights are defended by bailment law, a basic and time tested form of property law.


Clear Title Ownership is held directly in the client’s name. No third party including the Administrator and the vault custodians or either of their creditors can have any claims against the client’s bullion holdings.


All gold and silver purchased by our clients is investment grade Good Delivery bullion held within the Chain of Integrity. Therefore this bullion is one of the most liquid assets available and can be quickly sold back into the global Primary Market.


Clear Title Ownership is held directly in the client’s name. No third party, including the Administrator and the vault custodians or either of their creditors, can have any claims against our client’s bullion holdings.


Each and every bullion bar administered by Private Client Bullion is fully insured.


Neither Private Client Bullion nor the custodial vaults keep any client assets on their own balance sheets and therefore cannot use the client assets for any purpose. Even in the unlikely event that our firm or one of our vault custodians was to become insolvent, no one can lay claim to your bullion.


Private Client Bullion has engaged two different independent auditing firms to oversee the implementation of our extensive internal and external controls in order to provide you with the assurance that both your cash assets and your bullion assets are always secure.


Direct ownership of physical gold bullion through the Clear Title Program is not ownership of a security. Therefore, it is not subject to changes in regulatory oversight by the SEC or CFTC.

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