Getting Started


Open an Account

To open an account, applicants must submit the a Clear Title Account Application with supplemental identification and a signed Bailment Agreement. Applications and Bailment Agreements are available online or for download. Go to the Application Download Center in order to choose the appropriate application.

We will begin the review of your application immediately. If the application requirements are in good order, a new account will be established within minutes.


Fund your Account

Orders to purchase precious metals cannot be accepted or processed prior to the receipt of good funds. You may fund your Clear Title Account via Bank Wire, or check. Once your account has been funded, Strategic Gold will issue you a Receipt of Good Funds and then you may purchase precious metals at your discretion.


Purchase Gold and/or Silver

Once your account has been funded and we have verified good funds, you can buy gold or silver at your discretion. Our Account Executives are always available for consultation prior to placing a written order. Upon receipt of a written order to buy or sell bullion, Strategic Gold immediately executes the order within the Primary Market. With each trade, you will receive a trade confirmation in the form of a Transaction Detail Receipt that itemizes each purchase (by quantity and price).

On settlement date (T+2), Strategic issues a Clear Title Transaction Detail Receipt to you that itemizes each bullion bar purchased by hallmark, serial number, weight and purity.


Vault and Manage

Clear Title Account holders can choose where they want to store their physical gold and silver  in any of our secure global vaults. With our storage partners, your metal will be kept on a 100% physically “allocated” basis. 

You are constantly able to monitor and track your investments using your secure online account. Our fully integrated technology platform allows you to manage the oversight of every aspect of your transactions and holdings. 

Our account representatives are available to answer any questions you might have about how to invest in gold and/or silver. Please feel free to contact directly at 239 692-9154 if you have any questions.

Private Client Bullion

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