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Since the 1980s, we have been creating and administering innovative precious metals based investment products and solutions for individuals, families, trusts, and institutions.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the most efficient, secure and cost effective direct ownership program for buying, selling and securely storing investment grade physical gold and silver bullion. 

Our Story

Helping investors to discover the timeless benefits of gold.

In the late 1970’s a family business alliance was forged between American and European family businesses. This international multi-family office partnership has created and administered financial products and professional services including Brokerage, Investment Advisory, Fund Administration, Real Estate and Physical Gold.

Each contributing family enterprise brings their individual business expertise as well as their distinct historical and geopolitical perspectives to the table. As a result, we have achieved a proven track record of creating and administering innovative products and services that are responsive to changing regulatory and market environments.

From the earliest days, the partners recognized that physical gold is a vital component of a balanced portfolio during both bull and bear market cycles. Our multi-generational experience that spans two continents has always included a physical gold component.

As a next-generation product offering, Private Client Bullion (f.k.a. Strategic Gold Corporation) is preceded by:

  • Anchor Gold and Currency Trust, a closed-ended mutual fund which invested in gold, currencies and sovereign debt. (1982-2001)
  • Universal Gold Limited, an offshore corporation which confers equity ownership of physical gold. (1990-present)

Maintaining strong fiduciary controls and reporting standards, Strategic Gold’s Clear Title Accounts merge the key advantages of modern financial products, namely: liquidity, transparency, and professional administration; with the benefits of traditional commercial arrangements that involve tangible real assets, namely: no counter-party or capital market risk, and strong property rights.

Clear Title Accounts insure and protect the purchasing power of our clients’ wealth and position it for profit.

Our Company 

Our client services organization and trading professionals are always accessible, whether in person or over the phone. Our focused team of professionals have extensive experience working across business lines and national boundaries to deliver the benefits of Private Client Bullion’s network and knowledge. Our comprehensive services are tailored to deliver the highest level of customer service at each step of the process.

The firm’s clientele includes private individuals, family offices, corporations, management companies, hedge funds, trusts and other entities.


Our mission is to facilitate the broader ownership and safe storage of precious metals – primarily gold bullion – as a means to preserve and enhance wealth and truly diversify one’s assets. The principals of the firm have multi-generational experience in creating and administering programs that help investors own physical precious metals in the safest way possible.


We believe that physical precious metals are the ultimate insurance policy in today’s uncertain world. No other investment offers the same level of financial privacy, while eliminating counterparty risk. Physical precious metals’ value does not depend upon functioning capital markets, banks, or stock exchanges – their value is intrinsic. When financial uncertainty abounds, it becomes increasingly important to hold assets with value that cannot be diluted by government monetary policy. Gold has been a store of value and unit of exchange since the dawn of civilization. In every historic instance of currency devaluation, gold has been the ultimate safe haven asset.


Our comprehensive program, complemented by our extensive experience in the industry maximizes your control, minimizes your risk and optimizes your benefits. Operating with the highest standards, our tradition of professional excellence and integrity exhibited through highly-personalized service has earned our clients’ trust.


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Senior Management

Our Senior Management is responsible for implementing and monitoring our enhanced security controls for your protection, ease of transacting and peace of mind.

Charlotte A. Williams

Charlotte A. Williams

Executive Vice-President

Ms. Williams has over 30 years of experience in the investment and financial services industry. She began her investment career at Colonial Consulting Corporation, an investment consulting firm in New York with a concentration on not-for-profit organizations. She advanced in her position to become an Executive Vice President/Director of the Performance Reporting Group. In this capacity she was also a primary Relationship Manager overseeing over $5 billion. During her 20 year tenure at Colonial, she contributed to the development and growth of the firm’s client base from 10 to 68 clients with assets under management increasing from $300 million to over $11 billion. In 2006 Charlotte joined Rockefeller & Co., Inc. as a member of the Institutional Client Services group working with both institutional and high net worth clients. She moved in the second half of 2011 from New York to Naples to join Strategic Gold Corporation. Ms. Williams is the Client Services Relationship Manager at Strategic Gold. Charlotte holds a BA in Biology from Rosary College and a Certificate in Physical Therapy from Northwestern University.

Phone: 239 842-8068
Email: charlotte.williams@strategicgold.com

Christopher Y. Williams Sr.

Christopher Y. Williams Sr.

Co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Williams has over 20 years of experience in the investment and financial services industry. He began his career on the floor of the NYSE. He then served as the Chief Operations Officer with Anchor Investment Management, a registered investment advisory firm to the Anchor family of mutual funds. In addition Mr. Williams served as the financial principal for Wincanton Partners (formerly Meeschaert & Co.), a registered broker dealer. Mr. Williams founded and serves as President of Cardinal Investment Services an administrative services company to mutual funds, pooled investment funds and private trusts. He is a director of an administrative services firm in the British Virgin Islands. Mr. Williams holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the United States Military Academy at West Point and a Masters of Business Administration from the Katz Graduate School of Business.

Phone: 239 842-8066
Email: christopher.williams@strategicgold.com

David Y. Williams

David Y. Williams

Executive Vice-President

David Y. Williams, Jr. has over 30 years of experience in the securities industry. Beginning as a floor broker on the Midwest Stock Exchange in 1983 and moving to the New York Stock Exchange in 1987, Mr. Williams built and managed equity trading operations for several NYSE firms. These include: Richardson Greenshields (5 years), Glenwood Securities (13 years) and Wellington Shields (6 years). Mr. Williams’s responsibilities at these various firms included marketing, compliance and personnel operations. Mr. Williams is a Principal of Universal Services and a Director of Strategic Gold Corporation. Mr. Williams holds Series 7 and Series 63 registrations. Mr. Williams holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the United States Military Academy at West Point. Mr. Williams retired from the Army as a Captain after serving for five years as an infantry officer.

Phone: 239 842-8069
Email: davidyoewilliamsjr@strategicgold.com

Michael C. Williams

Michael C. Williams


Mr. Williams has over 18 years of experience in the investment and financial services industry with direct responsibility and management of institutional and retail clients. He began his career on the Floor of the Midwest Stock Exchange and then became a Series-7 Registered Representative with Glenwood Securities where, for nine years he managed the execution of client equity orders on the Floor of the New York Stock Exchange. With a keen interest in historical trend analysis, Mr. Williams has devoted much of his career to the study of the financial markets. As a proponent of effective risk management by means of the direct ownership of precious metals, Mr. Williams has delivered numerous presentations on these subjects in both national and international settings. He holds a Bachelor degree from Christendom College and concentrated graduate studies at Mt. St. Mary’s University, Pontifica Universita della Sante Croce and Pontifica Universita San Tommaso d’Aquino.

Phone: 239 842-8067
Email: michael.williams@strategicgold.com


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